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Trek Up the Tower Presented by The Wellbeing Partners | February 15, 2020

About The Wellbeing Partners

About The Wellbeing Partners

The Wellbeing Partners has a mission of building wellbeing into the way communities grow and do business. WELLCOM and Live Well Omaha merged in January 2020 to form the new organization. Learn more.

Formally known as WELLCOM, William M. Kizer founded the organization in 1982. The Wellbeing Partners serve hundreds of employers by providing training, personal support and resources.

Explore How The Wellbeing Parnters Can Help Elevate Wellness at Your Organization

The Well Being Partners is the leading worksite wellness partner. We provide members with a variety of resources to help elevate their wellness program and educate their employees. Members benefit from on-demand resources, educational training and networking events.