Family Participants

Family Participants

Families have a couple of choices for how family members use the platform under the Family Registration. For questions, please email

Group Account: A family can enter all activity on a single account. If you choose this option, please do the following:

  1. Create your platform profile by using “Family” as the first name. eg. Family Johnson, Family Jones, etc.
  2. Create a team in the “Family” category to use during registration. If you did not create a team prior to registration, you can reach out to be added.

Individual Accounts: To create an account on the platform, a unique email address is required. You can use multiple email addresses to register everyone in your family, or one Gmail address (see below).

  1. Gmail – If you have a Gmail address, you can use the “+” technique to create technically unique email addresses using on address. For can become The email is unique enough to create a new platform account, but all email will still go to account.
  2. If you do not have Gmail, you may register family members with as many emails as you have, or register adults in the family as individual participants and children in a group as described above (a unique email address is still required for this account).