2021 Event Recap

Finisher Information

Because the 2021 Virtual Trek Challenge presented many variables, including but not limited to lack of strict timing devices and a range of activity types, formal certificates and cash awards were not presented to winners. However, all participants who completed the 2021 Trek Challenge received a finisher’s prize to celebrate their achievement. We also celebrate those who were engaged with the event and finished in the highest rankings. Great job, Trekkers!

Vertical Mile

Vertical Mile Challengers were required to follow several participation rules to qualify as a virtual 2021 Vertical Mile Finisher:

  • Must track and complete 8,990 steps
  • Must complete challenge on stairs (not a stair climbing machine)
  • Must be completed in a single day within the event period (May 8-29)
  • Must submit specifics on stair location, including location, steps per ascent, and total ascents completed.
  • Must submit proof of tracking.
  • Must submit a selfie or picture at the location.


  • Conan Heelan
  • Andrea Hennings
  • Marilyn Gus
  • Sara Parman
  • Susan Rolfes


Due to the variables of a virtual event, individual and team competition was measured by overall achievement over the challenge period. The following teams are ranked within their category by total “Floors” climbed.

Overall Individual Rankings, Women/All

  • First place: Leigh Bennett – 419.5 Floors
  • Second place: Rebecca Ferguson – 378.7 Floors
  • Third place: RaKay Reyes – 345 Floors

Overall Individual Rankings, Men only

  • First place: Brian Schmitt – 291.78 Floors
  • Second place: Tyson Reimers – 263.31 Floors
  • Third place: John Anton – 241.76

Overall Top Teams

  • First place: Medical Solutions (Corp Large) – 1,400.96 Floors
  • Second place: ilumin (Corp Small) – 1,184.48 Floors
  • Third place: Team Berk Up (Corp Large) – 1,113.67 Floors

Corporate Large Teams

  • First place: Medical Solutions – 1,400.96 Floors
  • Second place: Team Berk Up – 1,113.67 Floors
  • Third place: CHI Health – 798.74 Floors

Corporate Small Teams

  • First place: ilumin – 1,184.48 Floors
  • Second place: Thiele Geotrekers – 261.26 Floors
  • Third place: Starting Line Crew – 250.86 Floors

Community Large Teams

  • First place: Emerging Professionals of NM/UNMC – 527.05 Floors
  • Second place: Cats! – 419.5 Floors
  • Third place: Yoshi Stampede – 147.83 Floors

Family Teams

  • First place: Pearl’s Peppy Penguins – 436.42 Floors
  • Second place: Nelson Clan – 141 Floors
  • Third place: Sandal Hikers – 140.4 Floors

2021 Passport Prizes

Trek Up the Tower registrants will receive exclusive access to the 2021 Passport, which includes opportunities to win gift cards from our Passport sponsors as well as access to Passport sponsor coupons. We thank these generous donors for funding our 2021 Passport:

Local Stairs

The Venue Highlander

The Venue at Highlander

2120 N 30th St, Omaha, NE 68111

Daylight hours, M-Th
(no climbing during Venue events)

The Accelerator Highlander

The Accelerator at Highlander

2112 N 30th St, Omaha, NE 68111

Daylight hours


Meadows Elementary

9225 Berry St, Omaha, NE 68127

3:30-10 pm M-F
6:00 am-10:00 pm Sat-Sun

Ralston High School Stadium

8969 Park Dr, Ralston, NE 68127

3:30-10 pm M-F
6:00 am-10:00 pm Sat-Sun
(no climbing during home competitions)


All participants who complete the Trek Challenge will receive a finisher’s prize. Because the virtual 2021 Trek Up the Tower cannot be strictly timed by a third party, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prizes and age-category certificates will not be available.

Vertical Mile finishers will receive a finisher’s prize. Because the virtual 2021 Vertical Mile cannot be strictly timed by a third party, champion cash prizes will not be available.

Participants will use the platform to log wellbeing activities completed at home, at work, or outside. Because it’s a virtual event, it may take you a little more time to “climb” the Tower.

  • Types of activity: stair climbing, running, walking, cycling/rolling, swimming, hiking, kayaking, elliptical, indoor cardio, yoga, and more!
  • How activity helps you complete the challenge:
    • 5 minutes stair climbing = 1 Flight
    • 10 minutes non-stair exercise or activity = 1 Flight
    • 15 minutes mental or spiritual wellbeing or self-care activities (logged as “Other”) = 1 Flight

The way you complete the challenge is up to you! When you’ve logged 40 Flights, you will qualify to receive the finisher’s prize. Log over 40 Flights to be eligible to win raffle prizes!